Business incubator

Business incubator: an alternative way to test your business project!


When it comes to business registration, the French legislation may be quite obscure for a lot of people, including the entrepreneurs themselves. This adds up to the insecurity of facing alone a new world whose rules are totally different from the ones of the employees. This is why support structures have been created. However, all these structures mostly deal with business plans and choice of status, which is not always enough as it doesn’t bring an answer to the main concern of « entrepreneurs to be » : the insecurity of the result.

Business Incubators stand out because they provide « Entrepreneurs to be » with « real life » or « hands on » solutions to their business project.

Is it legal?

These business incubators, made possible with the 2003 « French Economic Initiative Act » provide a unique and legal way to test the accuracy and longevity of a business project putting the « entrepreneur to be » directly on the market field through a C.A.P.E contract (support contrat for business set up).


A Business Incubator is an interactive training approach. On the one hand, It allows « entrepreneurs to be » to use the company registration number(SIRET) of the Business Incubator to start selling, invoicing and cashing money as if their company already existed. On the other hand, it coaches « entrepreneur to be » in learning all the necessary skills expected from business managers (either in marketing, accounting, commercial or management practise) leaving aside the complexity of the legal system until the moment they have earned both enough revenues and entrepreneurship to register by themselves. At that point, they are guided to choose the best legal status according to their real operating charges and net profit.

And if it doesn't work?

They lose nothing! While under the care of the Business Incubator the legal situation of « entrepreneurs to be » remain the same as the one they had before signing the contract : unemployed, part-time worker, student … if their business project is not successful, legally, nothing changes for them … apart from the experience of having tried his project without taking financial risks.